4 Excellent Cavity-Fighting Habits

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Uncategorized

Everyone wants a beautiful and healthy smile. Many people do not realize how easy positive oral health is to achieve with the following important, but basic oral health habits.
Having a healthy diet is important to oral health. However, having a healthy diet is not enough to fight off cavities. Having a healthy diet isn’t just about eating healthy foods; it’s also about remembering the important tips, like not snacking between meals. Since most snack foods consist of high sugar, they do more harm than good to your body and your teeth. When you snack, the bacteria from the foods live in your mouth, increasing your risk for developing cavities and gum disease. That is why these four habits can help you keep your teeth in excellent oral health.
Here are the four excellent habits to fighting off cavities and maintain positive oral health:
1. Brush daily: Brushing your teeth for at least two minutes a day, twice a day, will help polish your teeth and keep cavities from forming. This is vital to your oral health because bacteria forms on your teeth causing plaque and tarter to build up over time. Bacteria can leak and spread to the gums causing gum disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss, and other conditions from gum disease. Brushing daily will reduce the bacteria in your mouth and help keep your teeth clean.
2. Flossing daily: Many people skip flossing. As a result, the food left behind often causes serious cavity problems and problematic bacteria in your mouth, which is generally hidden between your teeth. Bacteria cannot be reached with a toothbrush when it lives between your teeth spreading to your gums. Flossing is extremely important to positive oral health.
3. Replace your toothbrush: This is extremely important because if you don’t, then as you clean your teeth, large amounts of bacteria remain on your toothbrush, and when you continue using the same brush, you are likely to develop oral infections. Would you want to brush your teeth with a toothbrush full of old bacteria? No one who wants positive oral health would. That is why it is recommended to replace your toothbrush every three to four months to rid your smile of harmful bacteria.
4. Visit our dental office: Visiting us here at [practice_name] every six months, will give you a checkup and deep cleaning of your teeth. Many things are looked for in a dental visit. Some of these include removing tarter buildup, looking for cavities, screening for oral cancer, and deep cleaning of your teeth. That is why it is vital to visit your dentist to keep your smile healthy and clean.
Don’t postpone your dental treatment anymore, come Odessa, TX, dental office and talk to your dentist today. Let us give you a healthy smile you can truly enjoy this new year.