The Causes of Bad Breath

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Uncategorized

Bad Breath is the result of potentially multiple issues the most common of which is substandard oral hygiene. Other factors are dry mouth, infections inside the mouth, sinus and respiratory system infections, digestive and gastrointestinal issues, systemic diseases like diabetes, and bad habits such as smoking.
Depending on their causes, odors from bad breath vary and can be problematic for some people. There are some who are completely oblivious to it, while others obsess about their halitosis by forever popping breath mints and chewing gum. It is difficult to tell if you yourself have bad breath. So, if you suspect that you may indeed have it, ask a friend to tell you the truth.
For some, making simple adjustments in your daily dental habits may mitigate the matter. Doing a few extra things like brushing your tongue along with your teeth does wonders. It is helpful to remove mouth odors by always brushing after eating–especially pungent foods like onions or garlic. Flossing and keeping hydrated by drinking more water are also easy habits to add to your daily routine.
After making positive changes to your daily routine, if you find that your bad breath lingers, you should check with a [dr_type]. [heshe] will be able to identify a more serious condition that may need to be referred to another type of doctor.
If you are going to get a bad breath check, follow the below tips before you go to the dentist:
– Some dentists make their bad breath testing appointments in the mornings in order that smells from eating food are not present. [heshe] may want you to fast or not eat for at least three hours before you come in.
– Avoid wearing fragrances or using any scented lotions or lipstick.
– Medications can cause bad breath, so be sure you let your dentist know what you are taking and ask if you should schedule the evaluation later when you are not taking anything.
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