The How and What of Root Canal Treatment

by | Jan 20, 2018 | Uncategorized

The process of receiving root canal treatment may not seem pleasant, but it’s a very important procedure for patients dealing with certain dental circumstances. Our [dr_type] at [practice_name] has the necessary experience to perform successful and virtually painless root canal treatment. If you are debating root canal treatment, we invite you to consider how it’s performed and why it may be needed.
How is a root canal done?
Root canal treatment is fairly straightforward. Our [dr_type] removes the top of the infected tooth to access the infected or inflamed inner pulp, which [heshe] cleans out to prevent the spread of infection to neighboring teeth. The next step is to place a dental crown over the remaining tooth to restore its original strength, appearance, and function.
What does a root canal treat?
Typically, an infection in the tooth requires a root canal to eliminate infection and prevent it from spreading and weakening the other teeth. Dental infection can cause the death of a tooth or the simultaneous death of several teeth. If the tooth is still healthy enough to be saved, root canal treatment may be the only option before our [dr_type] recommends tooth extraction.
One common sign of needing root canal treatment is any sort of persistent pain in a tooth. If you are struggling with chronic dental pain and would like to ask Dr. [doctor_name] about receiving root canal treatment in Odessa, TX, dental office, we encourage you to schedule a dental exam today by calling [phone].