The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Uncategorized

Are you thinking of getting a dental crown to improve your oral health? This may be good thinking. Of course, we want you to have all the information before you make your decision. That’s why [practice_name] is here to tell you about the process of getting a crown.
We can usually complete the process in just two visits. During the first, the tooth that will be crowned is examined and primed. To make sure the tooth is healthy enough for the procedure, we will do an oral exam, complete with x-rays. Dr. [doctor_name] will then gently shave some of the tooth enamel to make room for the crown. Alternatively, if too much of the outer tooth layer is already lost, we will use filling material to build up its structure. Dr. [doctor_name] will then create a copy of the tooth and surrounding areas called an impression. You will then be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your tooth.
During the following days, the impression will be sent to a local dental laboratory where your custom-made crown will be created to fit the exact specifications of your mouth.
During the second visit, we’ll remove the temporary crown and trade it for the permanent crown. We will check that it fits well with the rest of your smile and that the color matches your other teeth exactly. If it does, all that remains is for you to enjoy your new set of pearly whites.
If you would like a dental crown, your part in the process is uncomplicated. Simply call Odessa, TX, dental office at [phone] and show up on the day we arrange. We’ll take care of the rest.