There Are Multiple Means to Improving an Unappealing Smile

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

Your smile’s appearance can either bolster or hamper your self-esteem. Fortunately, modern dental technology has several different options to address cosmetic dental imperfections. The one that Dr. [doctor_name] and the dental specialists at [hisher], [city], [state], clinic recommend for you will be based on the various imperfections you need addressed.
If your tooth enamel has been yellowed or dulled by dark foods and beverages or tobacco use, it can rarely be improved by retail-grade whitening products. To improve a smile like this, Dr. [doctor_name] can administer a dental bleaching treatment. The processional techniques and whitening agents [heshe] employs can remove stains that have set deep into tooth enamel.
If some of the teeth in your smile suffer from physical imperfections like chips or noticeable fillings, Dr. [doctor_name] can restore the faces of each tooth by installing porcelain dental veneers. These are basically thin, porcelain shells that are shaded to a lustrous white. Dr. [doctor_name] will then cemented them onto the faces of each tooth in your smile with a strong dental adhesive.
The porcelain material will not be as receptive to stains as natural tooth enamel. This makes it easy to maintain your white smile for a long time.
If you have a tooth that has been compromised by tooth decay or an old filling, Dr. [doctor_name] might recommend restoring the tooth with a porcelain dental crown. This will fully replicate the entire tooth enamel layer with a porcelain material that shares the same benefits of dental veneers.
If you live in the [city], [state], area and you are suffering with an imperfect smile, you should call [phone] to understand the cosmetic restoration solutions offered at Odessa, TX, dental office.