What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Uncategorized

Are your wisdom teeth bothering you or someone close to you? If so, our team can help. Sadly, wisdom teeth removal is something that almost everyone goes through, but can you recognize the symptoms of a problematic wisdom tooth? Similarly, do you know why some wisdom teeth need to be removed?
Fortunately, there are a few things that could indicate whether or not a wisdom tooth might need to be removed. Pain or discomfort in the back of your mouth may be the most common symptom. This pain can originate beneath your molars. Unfortunately, this pain can be caused by your wisdom teeth actually growing beneath your molars or erupting from your gums, and if this problem isn’t addressed, it could ultimately alter the position of your other teeth.
Clearly, if your wisdom teeth grow beneath your molars, you should have them removed. Similarly, your wisdom teeth will need to be removed if they grow in sideways or only erupt partially. Still, please remember that not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed.
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